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Outreach Programs


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 Extended Stay Motel Outreach

The Extended Stay motels have become the new long term housing for many that can't afford rental in apartments. Weekly payments to live in an extended stay is very expensive ranging from $200 - $360 weekly. Many who live there often cannot see a way out of this path because they are unable to save money to pay off debt and to put aside to afford down payments to monthly rental. Credit history, past rental history, criminal backgrounds are all hinderances to moving forward. The Extended Stay Motel Outreach was the start of Hadassah's Harvest. It remains at the core of everything we do. To reach the individuals re-entering from prison, working poor, and transitional homeless individuals. We partner with other community leaders and volunteers to safely deliver food boxes, clothing and connections to resources for our motel families.

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Food Insecurity Needs

In every neighborhood, there may be some people who are hungry and ashamed to ask for help. At Hadassah's Harvest, we go out to the community with trucks, tents, and tables. The food we receive to distribute to the community is an opportunity to give joy, hope and peace to members of the community. Breaking down negative barriers and getting to know our neighbors is at the heart of what we do in our food outreach.

Contact Hadassah Harvest

How can we help you? Use this form to email your needs for resources and support. If you would like us to call you please provide your telephone number. Also please see our Needs tab and scroll for Job information and Resource List of local contact numbers for support services.


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