Outreach Programs

Connecting Compassion to Community

Your support is vital to our work at Hadassah Harvest.  In communities where Compassion works, we can each support one another.  We help to provide food, clothing, and support where needed.

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Cheerful Seniors
At Home

Children's Meal Delivery Program

We will serve children receiving virtual school education in the gap areas. Gap areas are unsafe walking or significant mileage distance to the school free meal site location.

Senior Citizen Food Delivery Program

We believe it is our responsibility to take care of our elders. We will offer a variety of Free Food Care Packages and Meals to seniors in the Snellville, Lilburn area Community.

COVID 19 Quarantined Individuals

It is our responsibility to help each other during this time. Our goal is to deliver Care package food boxes from the food bank. If we can get to your area within reasonable time we will do our best effort. If not we will search for other local community agencies that may offer food delivery.

*Snellville and Lilburn Service area only at this time.

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Receiving Donations at Clothing Drive

Individuals with Disabilities

We are here to support all. If you are unable to get to the store or unable to pay for food due to a disability please allow us to bless you with a  Care Package Food Box. If we are unable to meet the need we will do our best to find another local source for you.

*Snellville, Lilburn Service Area only at this time.

Motel Ministry

The Motel Ministry was the start of Hadassah Harvest. It remains at the core of everything we do. To reach working poor and transitional homeless individuals and families living in weekly motels. We partner with other community leaders and volunteers to safely deliver food boxes, clothing, prayer and the love of Christ to our motel families.

Raising Funds - Thrift Store

All sales are under $5.00

Most $1, $2

Make a donation - Make a purchase

Bring your own reasonably sized tote bag and fill it up with all you can for $20.00!

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Women's Ministry

Sisterhood Connections

Here at Hadassah Harvest, we see the value in you.  We want to be a catalyst for positive change in your life as a woman.  Empowerment means transformation with authority in declaring and decreeing freedom towards the path of your destiny.

"Purposeful and Intentional"

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