Hadassah Harvest


Preparing Today for Tomorrow's Purpose




These three words sum up our mission.

Our mission is to create a collaborative approach to investing

in the community's health and wellness. 

Our Vision is to see purpose fulfilled in the key areas of food security, housing stability, and financial sustainability.

Our plan is to address the physical needs as well as the spiritual needs at the same time through mentorship, advocacy and relationship building. How will we do it?


We all play an essential part in the wellness of the community. By caring for those most vulnerable members; children, seniors, individuals with disabilities, and the homeless, we can ensure a healthy, thriving community where each person feels valued. Purpose is defined by how we connect to each other, and as a faith-based organization we believe seeking God first in praying and fasting just as Esther did for wisdom and the strength to do the things we cannot do of our own ability. This knowledge in knowing there is a destiny to be fulfilled is the essential part of the plan. We may not have all the answers but we know who does. We trust, we believe and stand steadfast with you in the hope for a better tomorrow. Together we Prepare Today for Tomorrow's Purpose.


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