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Happy New Year - 2020 Vision!

Well, will you look at this? A whole year gone already. Wow! The time is moving fast, so we better pay attention. What are your thoughts for 2020? I will share with you my personal views and lessons learned from last night's New Year's Eve worship service at Refugee City, Stone Mountain. I believe moving into a new year, and a new decade God wants our attention. God made us in his own image. Not just an

"image" representing something but his "own" image. What does that mean? He wants us to focus on him with 20/20 Vision. I need glasses and contacts to help me see, so if I relied on the strength of my own body, this mission would fail. If you make new years' resolution, I encourage you to join me in prayer, fasting, and digging into God's word so we can see clearer. We can manually adjust and then graduate to automatic focus when the word is engraved upon our hearts. And even then, we can never know or understand all of God's ways, so we must keep pressing in. Fasting and prayer help us to develop intimacy with God, so he becomes a priority in our daily lives. Reading the bible helps us know the truth. Our people perish for the lack of knowledge. We are not waiting for God; he is waiting for us. You see if we make God the central part of our day with every goal, every decision, every action focused on his desire for us, the spirit of God within us will be elevated therefore the image that the mind, will and emotions (our soul) becomes identical with the spirit. It is then you have a clear picture one that is not out of focus or blurry. If we want to focus on God for a clear picture we have to remove things that get in the way. Many of us, including myself, have been distracted by politics, social media, what's happening on the news, and the culture of everything else except what it means to be a Christ-follower. Out of focus is when we look at the things on the left or right and don't make the adjustments needed to bring the picture into sharpness and clarity. Each of us are a piece of the puzzle. All pieces have to be in place in order for us to see the picture. If we want to know why there are so much evil and bad things happening in the world and why many don't receive the gospel from us, it's because we have forgotten the four-letter word of L-O-V-E. People do crazy things because they are seeking love in a place that will never give what they truly desire. The fake one, the imposter, Satan will put up all kinds of screens to make look like love and fun. But it is a masquerade of death and a curse. If we love people not only in words but by our actions, we will be presenting the image of God and setting them free. They need to feel "love" from us to know that God exists because the liar is telling them he is not real. If you want to know what God looks like or how he is, look in the mirror. We are supposed to be that reflection projected unto the earth. We are that mirror image. It's no wonder, when Jesus was asked out of all the commandments which are the most important, Jesus answered with Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself. No commandment is greater than these. Mark 12:30-31. This statement is no surprise because we read in John 3:16, that God "loved" the world so much that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. See Jesus didn't come down to earth as a God who sits on the right hand of the father, he came down on earth as a human so he could experience everything we go through and so much more in pain and suffering. So when we face trials and tribulations this year, know that your father in heaven loves you. Trials and Tribulations are to bring us to a place of intimacy with him and to save us. You have to believe in Him. Even when Satan messes with us, God uses everything for His glory and for our good. You have to understand what I'm about to say to you. We win. If you don't see this now, change your perspective. If you don't love yourself so you don't know how to love your neighbor, think about what you want, what you need and then give it to someone else. Change how you look at things. Take a step back. Go into your quiet place. Wait on the Lord and focus your mind on him without distractions. I promise you the picture will become clear.

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