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The book of Esther in the bible is a story of faith, hope, and compassion. Hadassah Harvest wants to spread our message that a single action can make a difference in the community and that collective action can significantly impact the world. Through advocacy, outreach activities, and working together, we believe that royalty is within each person no matter what the outside world or circumstances offer. Recognizing how valuable and precious we are as God's chosen gift, we can begin to reclaim, reconnect and reignite to change not only our destiny but those around us.


Hadassah's name was changed to Esther by her cousin to hide her identity in a foreign land. This poor orphan eventually became the Queen of the very same people she was hiding from. She never forgot who she was or her people. When the time came for strength, courage, and faith, she stood against what appeared to be an impossible situation. As Queen, she saved thousands of lives from certain death. We are all created for a purpose. It is our goal to defeat the orphan spirit in women.  Abuse whether verbal or physical. Trauma of words or action. or the feelings of abandonment can cause the orphan spirit to arise. A decree by the King most high has been made, calling all to the party. In our story we can proudly proclaim our identify as a daughter of the King. Our mission is to never let you forget who you are. All the fairytales modeled after our true story. Let's begin.



HE: The Christ that lives in me. 




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Andrea Johnson

Who am I?

I would say when answering the call of the Lord often we feel we are not ready or don't deserve the honor. Sometimes you can say to yourself who am I to lead a ministry? That's when you hear the gentle voice of the Lord saying, " I lead, you follow". Amen. Yes Lord.

My testimony begins at birth.  "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."  Jeremiah 1:5 NIV.   Wow! Before I was born God had a plan! We can read that scripture many times but not fully absorb the full impact of how powerful that statement is.

My parents are immigrants to this country. That alone set my life on a path unexpected. Growing up was not easy. As a child I felt God if he existed didn't love me or didn't know me else he wouldn't have let me be persecuted and troubled.  I knew nothing of what it meant to be a woman much less a woman of God. I was hurt, broken, abused and used.  By age 15, I was a teen-age mother. During my life journey God always sent someone to intercede on my behalf. In the midst I could not see anything, but now looking back I can clearly see his hand guiding me, and protecting me. 

September 25, 2016 on top of a mountain in Tennessee I gave my life back to the Lord.  He surrounded me with Christian women who loved on me, prayed for me, encouraged me and never judged me. That's so important isn't it?  Often we are afraid to be vulnerable with each other because of the fear of judgement. Often women, in particular can tear down instead of lifting each other up. I am so thankful those sisters modeled Christlike love and sisterhood.

See your destiny calls you like a magnet you will be drawn to certain passions.  August of 2018, God began to visit me in dreams.  The dreams drive me to explore Him and His ways even more.   September, 2018, during Wednesday night bible study on the book of  Esther, I felt instantly connected to Hadassah the name mentioned one time in the book.

God took Hadassah and raised her to a new level and gave her a new name. Esther.   I believe your life journey, all the things you seem naturally attracted to;  books, movies, colors, seasons are divinely entwined to your purpose in life. Or as some would say your destiny which is your contribution to society.

My purpose is to walk in faith with you, to inspire others to follow Jesus Christ, not through words or deeds but Compassion and Love. Love is  sacrifice, Love is a choice. Love is Christ. Let us make that choice to surrender to Him, to live our lives as a sacrifice unto Him, as a representation of Him, we are the Light.

I am Salt.

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